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“we use the term “love” loosely ’round here…”

About the Lost Love Letter Goddess… January 3, 2008

So here I am, hopping on the bandwagon and starting a blog. I am starting this blog anonymously as I am sure some people would be pissed about me airing their most tender thoughts to strangers in cyberspace, but luckily, these thoughts are from so long ago that those same people probably won’t even remember they wrote the stuff. So I will keep this “about me” section as general as possible…

I am 30, I live in Boston, I am a business manager, and I find humor in almost everything (especially the earnest attempts at expressing one’s inner most feelings of lust and love through the eyes and heart of a young, naive and idealistic person.)

I am hoping others will share their own long lost “Love Letters” (we use the term love loosely around here hahahh) to complement my past boyfreind’s written letters to me.  While I would like to say you will be moved, I think more likely you’ll just get a good laugh, and hey, isn’t that the thing that helps us get through the best of times, the worst of times? Thanks for visiting and looking forward to sharing some of my Lost Love Letters with you 🙂


5 Responses to “About the Lost Love Letter Goddess…”

  1. hey, i cant wait to start reading your lost love letters! who cares if theyre cheesy anyways, sometimes the best part of life is not being ashamed of what your feeling and sound cheesy to ears or in this case eyes that arent in the moment.

  2. Queenie Says:

    Haha! Enjoy reading about long lost love in perspective. You have a fun style. Only question I have is…where did you find men who write letters????

    OK. Just teasing. Mostly. But one man I dated on and off for 22 years only wrote me one letter ever…and that was in reply to something I sent him. His letter was only two words, but I assure you the meaning wasn’t lost. (-;

  3. Craig Says:

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting; thought I’d return the favor. Here’s to the best of a faithful readership with your new blog endeavor here.

  4. benafia Says:

    Thanks for your reply to post.

    I believe my first love letter was written on a huge sheet of brown meat wrapping paper, probably as a high school freshman. I wrote in small print on it and nearly filled the 24″ by 24″(?) sheet.

    Now I did not even know this girl by her sister was a close friend of y younger sister, that one is who I had had a crush on, I had crushes on someone ever since about 5 yrs. old. I had heard that she had seen me, (the older sister) and was very interested, yet her younger sister had my eye, but I was shy and naive over these things.

    I just could not go through with much further interest in the older sister given my own contradictions, I wrote her just in desperation to share the yearnings in my heart with someone.

    To my horror, I learned years later that that younger sister had a crush on me! Go figure!!!

    If that ones older sister kept my letter, perhaps it is holding a fish in the back of some freezer. My current long term companion and I have plastic storage boxes of our letters.

  5. t4toby Says:

    This is not the site I expected to see coming from your economically based comment. I love the fact that there are still surprises out there.

    I’ll delve into these ennui laden letters when I get a chance.

    Keep it up.

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