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The beginning of the End (my first love’s loveletter) January 28, 2008

Year: 1993 (Fall), Junior year of high school
Same-day view: Oh my God, he feels the same way I do! Euphoria, feeling lighter then air, butterflies, can barely sleep because of the excitement – this letter reinforces all of it. The possibilties are endless and all is right with the world… this is how you feel when your secret crush crushes you back 🙂
Hind-sight view: I still love this letter because I still remember how it made me feel so amazing. Just like a song, or a smell that can bring you back to an incredible (or painful) place in your past, this letter reminds me of the excitement of young (and very naive) love…

(Need to set up some backstory here: You need to read the previous love letters to appreciate the saga that will unfold through these next segments of letters. Daniel’s best friend Aaron, who ended up reluctantly dating my best friend Jackie for about 2 1/2 months the year prior (didn’t work out between them), he went off to college without even saying good-bye to either of us (dick). Aaron calls me about a month into college to apologize for such a jerk move, I scoff at him but take his apology and then ignore him. He continues to call though, I think he is lonely at college and I am damn good at conversation so he calls every now and then to chat – the calls get longer and more frequent and before you know it, much more personal and deep. I try not to read into it but I can tell that I am starting to have a crush on Aaron but try to call myself crazy and talk myself out of it. But, then a conversation takes place and Aaron blurts out that he is starting to view me as more then just a conversational buddy – I burst out with a bunch of babble I have been holding in for about a month that I feel the same way… boy did it feel great! But, there is a caveat – I worry about what my best freind Jackie will think about this turn of events between Aaron and I. I try to rationalize that they dated for a short period over a year ago and they ended up aquantinces…but it still nags at me. This is the letter that is a result of that conversation… enjoy). 


Letter 3 Begin:

Dear LLG,

This is your good friend Aaron at college. This is not my original letter, but a new and improved version. Because of our most interesting conversation last night. From now on don;t worry about my phone bill. It doesn’t concern me. If it did I wouldn’t call. I just wanted to let you know how I feel about this whole situation between us. I would give anything for this to work out for us. Ever since I met you I felt that. I just didn;t know how you felt, so I never said anything.
I feel that you are what I have been looking for, and I’m not going to let Jackie get in the way of that for me. For you it may be a different story. But you shouldn’t let anyone or anything get in teh way of what you want, ever. Whether it be a boy, or something else you want. I want to be with you. Remember our conversation about finding perfection in a guy/girl? I found it in you. You’re caring, freindly, easy to talk to, beautiful, intelligent, and trusting. To me that’s what I need, someone like you. I want this to work out  and I can’t stop thinking about you. I also want to see you before Christmas. I’m just happy that you feel the same way.
Anyway, that’s how I feel so on to better things. Tomorrow’s my Mom’s birthday and Daniel’s too! So I have to get them both cards or give them a call or something. That’s really all I have to say right now. I told you everything else last night. So I guess this is good night for now. Don’t change…



Subtext: You will see in future letters how quickly the tides turn and how he starts contradicting many of his words in this very letter… stay tuned for the next installment!


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