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Lost Love Letter 2: Are you F*!@ing kidding me??? January 8, 2008

Year: 1993, Sophmore year of high school
Same-day view: Hooked like heroin at this point on Daniel, but this letter keeps mentioning the words “CATHY” (not my name) and “GIRLFRIEND” (and I know he sure as hell hasn’t been calling ME that!) Hmmm, let me read through this letter again, and again, and again… maybe I am missing something?
Hind-sight view: Stupid, stupid & more STUPID female (me) is in denial that I have just been played like a fiddle by Daniel for almost 3 months. His actions towards me have been less then “innocent” and his ploy to have his cake and eat it too has worked – what the hell was wrong with me??!!! I was a walking cliche! And Daniel… what an A-HOLE, trying to disguise his true motives through a crappy letter peppered with compliments within an even crappier story-like format. God, even I want to punch myself after reading this 15 years later!!!


Letter 2 Begin:

Dear LLG,

We have talked alot lately, but I have not been very up front about anything so far, have I? I’m kinda in a jam about something. Well, I know that you know that I have a girlfriend. Yet, you’ve probably noticed that I have never mentioned her, and you probably know nothing about her. Let me tell you a story:

Once upon a time there was this guy that met this girl name Cathy. He asked her out and they started to date. Four months went by. Their relationship was not much, yet the guy was always jealous of Cathy being with and having a lot of guy friends. Yet they got into a pretty big fight, and I guess you can say they started to love eachother. They saw eachother everyday on the weekends and talked hours on the phone.
Over the summer the love bewteen them grew very much, they both had the best summer of their lives. Both of them were very happy with eachother and everything went great. Even though Cathy was very nice to the guy, the guy did not return as much that was given. He was in a sense very selfish, and came close to losing two best friends for her. Alot went on through that summer, but as soon as the school year came, it seemed that the love was slowing down. The guy was still mean to her some of the time, always wanting to get his way. She loved him I guess so much that he did get his way. But then one day this guy has a chorus concert. This girl named LLG comes up to him and says that she loves his tie. The guy has trouble sleeping that night because of the LLG. But as a couple of days passed, he forgot about her. But then another day he is reminded of her when she makes fun of the way he walks. The guy knew he was attracted to her very much, but he still felt he couldn’t abandon his girlfriend. Then one day, LLG and her friend Jackie, ask him to go bowling. At first the guy was very scared, but wanted to go very badly. He had a great time and that memory stayed in his mind much stronger than the memory of his girlfriend when he went north to Canada. But again, he knew knew that he had to forget about her again, yet he couldn’t. When he got back he got into a scuffle with his girlfriend, because of the fact that I was ignoring. So this guy turned his ways and stayed with his girlfriend and again tried to fix their relationship. It worked but then he got in a spot where you probably don;t want to be, but I can’t get you out of my head! I really want to get to know you, but I just want you to know where I am coming from. If I had never met Cathy, I would have asked you out Monday, but I am in love with her. Is that alright with you? I really can’t wait till we go sledding/movie. Can you give me a call and tell me what you think, “you little sex-maniac”(footnote here: this was an inside joke, we were NOT, I repeat NOT having sex lol) If you have any questions, just ask me ok?

Thank you for the little letter you gave me and I hope I got a chance to have seen you today (Thursday). And thanks again for everything you have done for me, Arby’s dinner, cotton candy, your presence, your back massage, your back massage, your back massage! Well, hope to hear from you soon!

Love Always –


Um, there are so many things that I laugh about and cringe at all at the same time. My favorite line out of the whole thing “…but I am in love with her, is that alright with you?” Uhhhhh, NO! Your lines of saying that things weren’t really “working out with your girl”, your hardcore flirting, your tender touches and excessive compliments, talking on the phone for hours, going out ALL the time, and intermittent kissing DOES NOT MAKE THAT ALRIGHT WITH ME!!!!! But I think back then I was still hoping against hope that he would ditch his girlfriend… ahhhhhh, the naivete of youth, it’s a beautiful (and idiotic) thing right?


3 Responses to “Lost Love Letter 2: Are you F*!@ing kidding me???”

  1. justanotherkatie Says:

    What a big jerk! He had a bit of creativity, I suppose. Not many juniors in highschool would confess their love in story format. lol
    How did this couple turn out in the end? Cathy and Daniel?

  2. lostloveletters Says:

    I think they went the route of most relationships actually… I am pretty sure that they tried to salvage what they had of their dramatic relationship while he went to college and she was still in high school, and then they broke up. Theirs was a tortured relationship – he outright admits what a jerk he is, um yeah, I will have to agree with this one hahahah. I wish I knew what he was up to now…

  3. dood. at first i thought he might be ok, if he had just admitted to his gf that he liked someone else as if that would be such a bad thing. somethings ill just never get. hopefully the younger you wasn’t to crushed by his jerk-off ways. the sad thing is theres still people that do this kinda thing. ya know the funny thing is, when i re-read it, it just sounds like he’s asking you to leave him alone.

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