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“we use the term “love” loosely ’round here…”

Lost Love Letter 1: Can this even be considered a love letter? January 4, 2008

Year: 1993, Sophmore year of high school
Same-day view: Shy, yet horny, female (me) is hot to trot for an older (Junior), sweet, cute as hell boy. Older boy (let’s call him Daniel) is best friends with another boy (let’s call him Aaron) that my best friend (let’s call her Jackie) is hot for and is also trying to date. Start hanging out (all 4 of us), Dave willingly participates in flirty banter, then I find out he has a girlfriend (but hear from Aaron that the relationship is on the rocks and he is really interested in me).
Hind-sight view: Shy, yet stupid & horny, female (me) is hot to trot for two-timing, indecisive, cute as hell boy with mad skills for stringing shy, yet stupid & horny, female along. I am an idot for even participating in flirty banter with someone who potentially has a girlfriend – I’m an ignorant BITCH in stereotypical denial! (Note: we never did anything more then kiss a little bit)


Letter 1 Begin (grammar has not been modified):

Dear LLG (I just learned your last name when I brought you to your house) – –
Well this is volume #2 of your installment! I really don’t know what to say – We’ve talked alot  on the phone, we see eachother at least briefly almost everyday, and I think we get along very very well – what do you think? I got to tell ya, that when you layed on my lap, with your eyes closed, I must have stared at yah for the longest time! You are a very beautiful girl, and I especially love, looking in my rear view mirror and seeing you fixing your hair, and catch me looking at you, and giving me a little smile!!! (as you did today) The little things you do drive me crazy! (in a great way) I love learning things about you, & you doing the same about me. I am sorry if I am just rambling on, it is just I wanna tell you everything that is on my mind, even if it is just quick clips!
You probably want to know about my girlfriend. Well obviously, things bewteen us are going bad right now butit is my fault, I kinda act harsh towards her sometimes! But, I told her everything we did (excluding some minor parts). She was a bit upset but she understands that I do want to see others, and she won;t mind me going out with others just as long as I don;t like go and sleep w/ someone! If I am honest about it to her she understands.
I totally don;t mind, in fact, I LOVE, like you said, hugging me, holding my hand, etc. and especially your little kisses, and massages!!! I love laughing with you, at you, at me, and the whole 9 yards.
Well, actually what I am trying to say by all the little things that you do, is that I am growing fonder and fonder of you! Each time you look me in the eye a little longer, or each time you smile, I get a little hapier, and happier! When Im with you, like when we park to sit and talk, just the four of us, with no parents, no rules, no outside friends, just four people, just trying to be happy, I forget about any problems or things that are on my mind. I just find myself constantly lughing and smiling and saying, “she’s great”! I am very sorry that I don’t compliment you very much. Actually I would love always to tell you what I’m thinking, yet I’m scared. For example, when you were laying on my lap and I was just staring at your nose, lips, eyes, etc., I just wante dto whisper in your ear how beautiful you looked. Everytime I see you I want to tell you how nice your shirt is, or how nice your hair looks, or how hot you look! or how much I love to see you smile, but for some stupid reason I don’t, and I have to stockpile everything I’ve wanted to say in one of my volumes! LLG, I am very glad we’ve become good friends. Again, LLG, thank you for everything!

Love Always –


All I can say to this letter is “Wow, I was pathetic!” … but just wait till the next installation, it gets even better lol.


One Response to “Lost Love Letter 1: Can this even be considered a love letter?”

  1. mustardsauce Says:

    I love this idea for a blog!! I’m totally going to check back all the time. I can’t wait to hear more! I can really relate to your situation and this letter. I too have many a love letter stashed away in some box; most are filled with disgusting grammar and spelling. Keep this up, it’s so awesome 🙂

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